Tips and Tricks in direct esthetic restoration

27/28JUNE , 2013 at Denta Specialised Polyclinic and Training Center

Tips and Tricks in direct esthetic restoration 

13/14 JANUARY 2014
Aims and objectives:
1.To provides an understanding and training on who to use rubber dam.
2. Hands on experience of using composites on manikin teeth include using of silicone index and composite stain in the pits and f issures
3.C1ass IV mu.ltilayer technique.
4 Restoring posterior physiologic contact.

At 12:00 pm Welcome and the Lunch time.
02:00pm 1 Cariology and Carim Risk Assessment (Cariolcgy: Its Role in Esthetic Dentistry)
02:30pm 2. Detection and Diagnosis of Carious Lesions.
0300pm 3.Classm of Composite Materials and application of specific composites.
03:45pm Tea and Coffee Break
04:00p 4. The Evolution of Adhesive Techniques:Dentin Bonding ( HYBRIDIZATION).
04:45 pm 5. Use of Rubber Dam.
05:00pm End of the 1. day

09:00am 1. Anterior Direct Compositm (Predictable Customized Class rv Restorations).
09:45am 2. Effective management of diastema case a .
1000am 3. Posterior Direct Composites ( Anatomical Posterior Con.cts).
1845a. 4. Polishing (Current Technology and Clinical Approaches to Polishing of Dental Restorations).
1100ant Tea and Coffee Break 1115am L. Demonstration on patient.
1130 am Master class on the manikin for the 7 Participants Include the use of rubber dam, tip and trick the anterior and posterior compceite filling.
0130 pm Lit. 02:30pm Master class on the manikin pm for the other 7 Participants Include the use of rubber dam, tip ana trick in the anterior and posterior composite filling.
0430 pm End of the course.

Note Each participant will receive comprehensive course no., a certificate of course completion from Kurdistan Dental association and Dente Training Center with lunches and refreshments throughout the day.