Crown and Bridge course in 30/April/2015

To get a better clinical performance in the Crowns and Bridges

1st day: 30/April/2015:

Lec:Crown-bridge or Dental Implant

Lec:Clinical consideration  before starting.

Lec:Crown preparation for metal ceramic crown.

Lec:Crown preparation for full ceramic crown.

Lec:Bridge design and pontic design.

Lec:Getting a correct  appearance .

2nd day: 1/May/2015:

Clinical: Crown preparation for the incisor teeth  on manikin.

Clinical: Crown preparation for premolar teeth on manikin.

Clinical: Crown preparation for molar teeth on manikin.

Clinical: Bridge preparation for lower right segment on manikin including canine.

Lec: Temporary crown and bridge.

3rd day :7/May/2015:

Lec: Impression materials and techniques.

Lec: Occlusion and Articulation.

Clinical:: 14/May/2015:

Lec: Cementation of the restoration.

Lec: Supportive phase

Clinical: Finished Crown-Bridge cemented for  your patient.



  • Each participant must bring his patient at the scheduled date for crown-bridge preparation.
  • The cost of the unit of metal ceramic crown is 25$ and full ceramic is 70$ for each unit which must be paid by the participants to the laboratory.
  • The cost of this course is 500$ which will be hold in Denta Training Center  in Erbil/Kurdistan Region /Iraq.
  • This course will be given by Dr.Saud J.Dizayee (B.D.S,MS.c Conservative Dentistry).
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of course completion from Denta Training Center with lunches and refreshments though out the 4 days of the course.
  • Please the spaces are limited for only 14 persons please call 07505011419 to avoid disappointing.
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