Course and Events

Crown and Bridge course in 30/April/2015

To get a better clinical performance in the Crowns and Bridges

1st day: 30/April/2015:

Lec:Crown-bridge or Dental Implant

Lec:Clinical consideration  before starting.

Lec:Crown preparation for metal ceramic crown.

Lec:Crown preparation for full ceramic crown.

Lec:Bridge design and pontic design.

Lec:Getting a correct  appearance .

2nd day: 1/May/2015:

Clinical: Crown preparation for the incisor teeth  on manikin.

Clinical: Crown preparation for premolar teeth on manikin.

Clinical: Crown preparation for molar teeth on manikin.

Clinical: Bridge preparation for lower right segment on manikin including canine.

Lec: Temporary crown and bridge.

3rd day :7/May/2015:

Lec: Impression materials and techniques.

Lec: Occlusion and Articulation.

Clinical:: 14/May/2015:

Lec: Cementation of the restoration.

Lec: Supportive phase

Clinical: Finished Crown-Bridge cemented for  your patient.



  • Each participant must bring his patient at the scheduled date for crown-bridge preparation.
  • The cost of the unit of metal ceramic crown is 25$ and full ceramic is 70$ for each unit which must be paid by the participants to the laboratory.
  • The cost of this course is 500$ which will be hold in Denta Training Center  in Erbil/Kurdistan Region /Iraq.
  • This course will be given by Dr.Saud J.Dizayee (B.D.S,MS.c Conservative Dentistry).
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of course completion from Denta Training Center with lunches and refreshments though out the 4 days of the course.
  • Please the spaces are limited for only 14 persons please call 07505011419 to avoid disappointing.
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Advancing your clinical skill in modern Endodontics

Advancing your clinical skill in modern Endodontics

Special thanks for all participant for their attendance,Kurdistan Dental Association,FIA Co.(Micro Mega) and tamer levant(Dentsply) which sponsor our c ourse.
Hope you enjoy with us and see you soon in our next course.


Clinical attachments

Denta Specialized Dental Polyclinic gratefully open the registration for the clinical attachment in its center for the newly qualified dentists and general dental practitioners  in 6 different specialties (Oral surgery and Dental implants, Maxillofacial radiology, Restorative dentistry, Orthodontic, Periodontics and Pediatric dentistry).

NOTE:Please click here to download the application form:Application_for_Clinical_Attachment in denta 1

Each participant can choose the duration and specialty of interest or training in all specialties.



Tips and Tricks in direct esthetic restoration

27/28JUNE , 2013 at Denta Specialised Polyclinic and Training Center

Tips and Tricks in direct esthetic restoration 

13/14 JANUARY 2014
Aims and objectives:
1.To provides an understanding and training on who to use rubber dam.
2. Hands on experience of using composites on manikin teeth include using of silicone index and composite stain in the pits and f issures
3.C1ass IV mu.ltilayer technique.
4 Restoring posterior physiologic contact.